Out Work is a collection of thoughts on graphic design and life by Sarah Joe, a Singapore-based creative.

Just typing as I think, don’t take me too seriously.


28.05.20 V.R. 1
Tags Advice Design Reflection

Pinterest has its merits in being able to source out very similar visual forms, but I’ve been wanting to step up my visual research game and I’ve only slowly realised that’s not about searching the exact keyword into Google images or Pinterest. Better visual research would require more breadth. Visual language of a subject doesn’t consist solely of a subject (as counter-intuitive as it  sounds), but of its outside concepts and theories that will inevitably influence it. Well I’m starting to realise, as I age into my mid-twenties, that almost everything is influenced by everything else and things, people and places are more interconnected than they seem.

Tip: Try not to be too drawn into looking for things based on one’s preconceived thought of how something should look like. This is a pertinent reminder to myself... My workstyle is pretty convergent and I find it hard to stray outside, explore other ideas. Even my exploratory works are forced by my subconscious to adopt a certain visual path, this was a realisation also that even I find hard to put into words, much less get out of.